02 Ways to Set your Goals the Wrong Manner and Never Achieve your Most Cherish Dreams

We all wish to set our goals the right way and achieve the greatest dreams hidden within us. Every one of us needs to know the right direction we taking over personal life and professional. When setting your goals the right manner will take you to a life of happiness and accomplishments. But and what happens when you set them the wrong way? It’s what you will know on this article.

Your present results

Many people define their goals according to present reality, on other words, your present results. When you set them this way, you’ll be automatically and limiting yourself and won’t have personal growth. The goals are for us to increase our knowledge, learn new things, and finally as a final result, the goal will be achieved.

Why do we set our goals according to our present reality? Well, people do not want to fail. It’s always are said they need to be realists when are about to define goals. If you don’t fail, there will be no growth.

What you think you can do

If you go after what you think you can do, you are going to have a plane because you’ll need to know all the needed steps between you and your goal. If you know everything what must be done to achieve it, there will ne no growth and inspiration. Why do we need to have a plan? We’re conditioned to do it.

What you really want

If you go after what you really want, you will need to fantasy. And you were taught very early since you were a little kid, most likely in school, do not fantasy! The greatest mankind’s creations were conceived through imagination and fantasy. As much as people do not know all the required steps to reach their most cherish dreams, their greatest fantasies, they‘ve tend to stay between the first and second choice.

And do you know something? They get stuck their whole life between these two options. They start out with what they know how to do, and this way there won’t be inspiration they go to what they can do. And also there’s no inspiration and motivation they come back to the first one. It only there will be inspiration and motivation when we’re going after what we want for our lives.

 September 2, 2010

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