3 Principles of the Law of Gratitude that Will Make A Difference in your Life

All of us need to be grateful for everything we own in life. The success will come over until us easer and faster because we’re grateful and happy for everything we have. When we focus on the things that let us happy, we’ll get more of the same; bringing to us more joy and abundance to our lives. When we focus on things that we do not like, we also receive more of the same. Let’s meet the three gratitude principles that will make a difference in your life.

1º Principle: The Law of Comparison

All of our results only can be good or bad through comparison. In other words, we’ll know if a particular result is good or bad comparing it with other one. Take your income, for example, it only can be higher or smaller comparing with other level of income. This means that the results are not good or bad, they just are.

2º Principle: What We Appreciate, Appreciates Us

Everything we appreciate in our lives also appreciates us. This involves relationships, family, carrier and other areas of our life. Well, this also states if we let to appreciate one of these areas, they will let to appreciate us as well. When we give gifts to other people it’s because we want to see them happy and cheerful. But what happen when they don’t show gratitude? Surely that soon they will no longer receive gifts and appreciation from others.

3º Principle: The Law of Attraction Will Give You More of the Same

The Law of Attraction says that will give us what we’re focusing on, both good and bad. When we are happy of everything we have, this law will reward us by giving more of the same. Maybe you don’t like of your current car or the house you’re living in. But be glad and grateful for them, because then you’ll get opportunities to receive an even better one.

The three principles of the Law of Gratitude can guide us to the success path with so much faster and guarantee, because we all know what we desire and we’re being grateful for everything we already have.

 September 3, 2010

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