Million Dollar Mindset

Have You Ever Wondered What Success Means to You?

The success has fascinated people ever since man begun to walk on earth. But unfortunately most people do not really know what it means to them and have no clue how to achieve it. Defining what success means will lead you to a lifetime of accomplishments and achievements.

Lack of understanding of the term success can take to a miserable life and failures, in other words, a life process completely wasted. Many people believe that success is based on a certain set of circumstances, environmental factors, skills or opportunities. But let me tell you something, all of these factors are in error. Read More

 September 8, 2010

The 03 Principles for Earning Money: They Will Determinate your Success or Failure

Many people wish to earn more money, have more free time and enjoy life much more intensely. But they never ask themselves what rules conduct or drive the means of earning an income, and principally how use them in their favor. Now you’ll discover 3 principles that literally changed my life and can do the same thing to yours. Read More

 August 29, 2010

The 3 Money Principles: Know Its Real Meaning

Have you ever wondered what the real meaning of money is? A common person probably would answer that it suits to buy products we want and to enjoy life. Well, that’s a very vague answer. You know, many people spend the whole life working for it and don’t know its real meaning, limiting thereby for knowing it better and principally how to make it work for them. Therefore you can earn much more money effortlessly. Read More

 August 25, 2010