Power of Habits

How to Create a New Paradigm in Just 3 Easy Steps and Definitely Change your Life

We can define paradigms as a multitude of habits. And as you already may know, habits can literally control our life. Since waking up in the morning until putting your head on the pillow, we perform tasks based on this behavior pattern. And the problem can be there: we execute tasks that cannot be serving us according to our goal. You surely must have already wondering why you never achieve your goals. If you want to change your life, you need to change your habits. Read More

 September 11, 2010

Do You Know How the Procrastination Habit Affects your Life?

Do you know what procrastination is? Procrastination it’s the habit of postponing tasks or actions that need to be done to a particular goal to be accomplished. People may be postponing day after day without even knowing they’re doing it. Often it’s already became a habit that prevents them to grow and achieve their goals. Let’s talk a little more about procrastination, its origins and causes, and also how we can get rid of it. Read More

 September 7, 2010

Have You Ever Asked Yourself What a Paradigm is and How It Drives your Life?

Paradigms can be literally controlling your life and you may not even be aware they exist. But what are paradigms and how they’re crucial to shape our future? How can we change them? This article will answer these and many other questions.

Not understanding what paradigms are and how they drive our future are crucial for our life and the way to the desired success. Day after day we are controlled by them, since our first step after waking up in the morning till we put our head on the pillow and follow our rest. Read More

 September 5, 2010