Do You Know How The Conscious Mind Works? It May Affecting your Life and Your Results

Thoughts are occurring at every instant in our mind and we’re not even aware about it. They dictate their opinions and we accept them as if they were true. This can often control our lives and the results we want. Have you ever wondered about it? Well, let’s talk about what’s going on inside our minds and how it affects us and many times take control over our actions, and consequently the results.

Our conscious mind is in constant motion; it does not stop even for a second. But what is occurring inside of it? Well, we can say there’re many things going on. First of all, thoughts occur all the time. We may be thinking about something that happened last week, what we’re going to do on the coming weekend, or even something bad might happen to us. And therein lays the big catch. Our own mind projects us into an undesirable scenario as if it was really going to happen. And usually it does not happen.

We can say that our mind is used to lie to us, in other words, a joke-teller that makes us suffer, it limits our future, opining about our actions, and saying what it will not work. You cannot even believe what your own mind tells you. There’s also a bunch of useless thoughts going on inside. What are these thoughts? They’re worries, anxieties, fear of trying something, meet new people, trying new experiments and negative thoughts.

Unfortunately it’s the land that many people experience the world. They don’t know they can take control over this mechanism that works faulty, without direction and dictating what we should or should not do. We can finally say that our mind drives our lives. But when we recognize how the mind works, we can take control over it and start to guide our lives as we really want.

 September 6, 2010

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