Do You Know Why Money Will Never Make You Happy?

money-will-nerver-make-you-happyOur society holds a myth that having more will make us happier. We think that we need earn more or buy more things to achieve happiness. Well, all this is a mistake. Do you know the truly meaning of money and what is it real usage? If your answer was not, please keep reading.

We’re daily inundated with propagandas and commercials saying that we need to buy their products so that we can feel happier and realized. You may think this does not affect our decisions or emotions. But usually a person spends several hours a day watching them; and these messages go right into to our subconscious mind and start to change our emotions and behavior. Unfortunately, that’s what is driving our economy.

Surveys have been showing us that people think more money will let them happier. Well, the population income has doubled for in the past fifty years. If it was true, we could have more people happier. But what’s the real meaning of money? Firstly, we can say money will let you comfortable. The more money you have more comfortable will be.

Second, you can expand your services far beyond your own physical presence. Have you ever thought of earning money while you sleep? Or when you’re taking a wonderful vacation? That’s the truly meaning of money. It means that you can be earning money while you’re working or not. Think about it!

It will allow you to gain more time to focus on other areas of your life, areas that really need of your attention. As a result, you can improve your life quality and of people around you. All the stuff around us is only here to help us, and not to make us happy. That’s the true.

 September 12, 2010

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