Have You Ever Asked Yourself What a Paradigm is and How It Drives your Life?

Paradigms can be literally controlling your life and you may not even be aware they exist. But what are paradigms and how they’re crucial to shape our future? How can we change them? This article will answer these and many other questions.

Not understanding what paradigms are and how they drive our future are crucial for our life and the way to the desired success. Day after day we are controlled by them, since our first step after waking up in the morning till we put our head on the pillow and follow our rest.

If you look up in the dictionary about the meaning of paradigm, you will find it defined as a model or prototype, and that is exactly what it is. We’ve been following this template day after day without ask ourselves why we do what we do and where they came from. Finally we can say that paradigms are purely habits.

We can define habits as tasks we accomplish daily, as brushing teeth, taking shower, feeding ourselves, and on and on. These are fundamental habits and of which we need. But there are other habits within us that we do not even know of their existence.

You hold habits like dealing with failure, how to talk and treat other people and even of your future expectations. Have you ever wondered about these questions? I’ve got a new project or idea, what are my expectations for its success? Have you habits of always having the same expectation? You can be sure that these expectations will drive the way of how you go into action or not and the results you get.

We are not born with these habits, we inherited them. Our mission is to replace them with habits that serve us better, both in our daily lives and in our path to success. A simple, but yet a helpful tip is to identify the objective to be reached and draw the needed habits to fill it.

You cannot simply exclude a habit without fill the empty space with another one. So, set your goal, check out which habits are not serving you and identify what are the needed changes so that your goal can be achieved more quickly and with guarantee.

 September 5, 2010

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