Have You Ever Wondered What Success Means to You?

The success has fascinated people ever since man begun to walk on earth. But unfortunately most people do not really know what it means to them and have no clue how to achieve it. Defining what success means will lead you to a lifetime of accomplishments and achievements.

Lack of understanding of the term success can take to a miserable life and failures, in other words, a life process completely wasted. Many people believe that success is based on a certain set of circumstances, environmental factors, skills or opportunities. But let me tell you something, all of these factors are in error.

Other factors like neighborhood you were born and raised, the treatment you received from your parents, you age and even your education degree, none of this determinates the level of success you can achieve in your life. History has proven that no matter how hostile or environments with adverse circumstances, people can overcome obstacles and reach a great level of success never expected in their lives.

But let’s come back to the question: What does success mean? We can say success is a path or direction you choose. This means the person who knows the direction that he or she is taking in his life is a successful person. We can also say that success is an eternal journey, and this person is in a constant harmony with his vision, purpose and dreams.

That means you need to know what you really want from life, crystal clear and defined. Many people do not achieve the desired success in their lives by not knowing precisely what they want. Unfortunately most people focus on results from past, that means getting more and more of the same. Take away from the past errors and failures and define what you really want.

Another issue to be answered, such as: How to define what you want from life: Well, this is a question for another article.

 September 8, 2010

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