How to Create a New Paradigm in Just 3 Easy Steps and Definitely Change your Life

We can define paradigms as a multitude of habits. And as you already may know, habits can literally control our life. Since waking up in the morning until putting your head on the pillow, we perform tasks based on this behavior pattern. And the problem can be there: we execute tasks that cannot be serving us according to our goal. You surely must have already wondering why you never achieve your goals. If you want to change your life, you need to change your habits.

1º Step: Decide What You Want

Unfortunately the majority of people don’t know what they want from life. They live their lives day by day without knowing the course they’re taking. As the first step to change your life, you need to know exactly what you want. For this step, take away all limitations of your mind. Remember this: everything is possible in what is believed.

The best way to define a goal is writing it down on a piece of paper. Define exactly what you desire. After you’ve defined it, you will be probably asking yourself how to accomplish it. But this is not important. The part of how to accomplish your goal will be shown to you.

2º Step: Adapt your Habits

As mentioned earlier, many habits drive your life. If you want to change it, it’s extremely important shifting your habits. You cannot achieve your greatest desires and keeping your old habits, such as limitations, excuses why not to accomplish it, procrastination and many others.

Also you have to think which habits are needed for accomplish your goal. A good tip is consult people who already has achieved the position you wish and check out what habits they incorporated to achieve it. You also need work them daily. Habits are not made up in a week! It’s necessary having persistence and determination to create them.

3º Step: Work with your Universal Intelligence

Our Universal Intelligence is the famous subconscious mind. It can definitely influence our success on any area of life. To reach it, it’s important you get in emotion with your goal. The emotion is a necessary fuel to reach your subconscious mind.

Imagine your goal as already achieved and feel all the present emotions on your mental movie. This will make your mind search for solutions so that your goal can be accomplished. Ideas will begin to come up to you about what you should do and execute.

The key here is to get into emotion every day with your dream or goal also verifying what are habits that no longer serve you and look for new ones that can guide you to success.

 September 11, 2010

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