How to Provide 10 Times More Value to Your Clients and Friends

Many times we don’t ask ourselves how we can provide more value to our clients and close friends, we think that to give more value is needed to invest a great deal of money and time.

When we let to provide value, in other words, we let to appreciate the things we love and appreciate, they start too depreciating us.

To give more value to clients, friends and familiar, you don’t need to focus on big things, but on small details that will make a great difference in long-term. This surely will make you being more remembered among the people around you.

And what are these small details? You can start saying smalls “thank you” to your main clients and close relatives. It can be accomplish through cards. Handwritten cards add a special value since they were manually written and not digitalized, which usually is automatic.

But I would like also to warn you about them: never mix gratitude messages with marketing.

How many times have you received through mail that has an excellent gratitude message, buy at the bottom had products from the company? It totally negates the gratitude and joy of having you as client.

When one of these people needs of a product or service, your name will come up immediately in their minds because no one has provided the value you have. The same way can happen with refer of your services to another person.

That way, the more value you provide to the marketplace, the same proportion will come back to you. It means that the value will can come back through another source, and not from the same which was offered.

This reminds me to one of the Laws of the Universe, where every action holds a reaction. Put a lot of energy, and the same will come back to you.

On the other hand, if you put a little of value and energy on services and gratitude, it will come back to you at same proportion.

 August 28, 2010

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