Just a Straight Question: What is your Vision in Life?

People live day after day without knowing what their real purpose in life is. They know they want a better life, more happiness and richer life. But unfortunately they never define what better really means. Have you ever asked yourself that question? What is your purpose in life? We are going to explore the 3 levels that define this principle and how to put them on practice to you start walking in the right direction.

The Power of Vision holds three levels of desire. You need to define what you want to be, to do and to have. While have and do are important, be is changeless. It’s also the “be” that will take you to do and to have. For us to define this step, it’s needed that you take out all the limitations of your mind. You are able to accomplish anything you want; you’re the greatest God’s creation.

Many people get stuck on how they’re going to achieve their vision. That way they usually never get into action. The “how” is not important. When you have your vision crystal clear and well defined, the step of how to accomplish it will be shown to you. As I said, you need to release all the limitations because they only exist in your mind.

It’s important that you take action every day. The action is needed to turn your vision into reality. Do not procrastinate, don’t postpone your actions. This will only make you feel bad with you and unproductive. Successful people take action no matter what the real situation is because it’s only temporary.

You also need to focus on the things you really want, and no what you don’t want. Let’s take an example. Let’s pretend we want to be debt free. Well, the only way to accomplish is selling all our stuff! Think about it. What do you really want? What you really want it’s to be financial freedom. That’s the point. When you define what you really want, your mind starts showing you immediately the solutions to your desire. That’s the reason why is so important defining it.

 August 31, 2010

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