The 03 Principles for Earning Money: They Will Determinate your Success or Failure

Many people wish to earn more money, have more free time and enjoy life much more intensely. But they never ask themselves what rules conduct or drive the means of earning an income, and principally how use them in their favor. Now you’ll discover 3 principles that literally changed my life and can do the same thing to yours.

#1 Principle: You trade time for money

Trading time for money means someone who has a salary. You spend 40-60 hours week working for someone else and he or she pays you based on a value per hour. We can receive annually 25, 50 or even 100 thousand dollars equivalent to wages, but remember we’re trading our precious time for that kind of many.

As you may be imaging, it’s almost impossible to measure wealth through this principle because the money we receive comes from the time we spend. Furthermore, we’ll only have a single source of income. And what happens if it dries? Surely this is the worst way of making money.

#2 Principles: Money Earns Money

In this principle money earns money. That means investing in stock markets, pension plans, real state and business applications. Although less than 3% of population using this method and being very successful at it, it involves greater risks, such as interest rates knowledge, market fluctuations and other factors.

#3 Principle: Leveraging Time through Others

When we leverage our time through other people’s efforts, we gain more control and impulse on our projects and businesses. Approximately 1% of population uses this method and they earn about of 96% of income. It can let to focus on other areas of our lives, such as emotional, spiritual and many others. Through this method you will never more being busy thinking about “how to earn money”.

Did you ever wonder how much free time you’ll gain when you stop “how make money”? Through this third principle you’ll earn money as result of providing value to the marketplace and not trading your time. Surely this principle opens up a range of unlimited possibilities.

 August 29, 2010

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