The 3 Money Principles: Know Its Real Meaning

Have you ever wondered what the real meaning of money is? A common person probably would answer that it suits to buy products we want and to enjoy life. Well, that’s a very vague answer. You know, many people spend the whole life working for it and don’t know its real meaning, limiting thereby for knowing it better and principally how to make it work for them. Therefore you can earn much more money effortlessly.

1º Principle: Money Will Not Make You Happy

There’s a big misunderstanding that many people have is to believe that money serves to make us happy. This is an error. Money does not suit to make us happy, but to raise our comfort. The more you have, more comfortable you’ll be. And believe me, it’s not money what you really, want, but what money will let you buy. This allows us to focus on other areas of life instead of how to make money. You’ll gain a precious time when you stop to think about how to money.

2º Principle: Money serves to Expanding Services

The truth it’s that the more money you earn, more opportunities will come up for you. Money allows you to expand your services beyond your physical presence. And as you provide more services, more money you’ll earn. Have you ever imagined making money while you sleep? Expanding your services beyond your presence, everything becomes possible.

3º Principle: Money Will Follow You

When you become really successful, money will follow you wherever you go. Whether you want to be or not working, money will go on to come to you. This also means that the more source of income you have more money you’ll be earning. You should have more sources you can keep track of. Hire some people to keep track of them.

We can sum up that the key secret to earn a lot of money is making it to work for you instead of you for it. Therefore we can leverage our precious time and achieve much more.

 August 25, 2010

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