Why Selling While You Can Give it for Free? Know the Power of Giving

All of us want more sales, more money and more prosperity in our lives. But, if instead selling we could provide it for free, what kind of results that would bring to us? Don’t fool yourself; the power of giving is behind of all the greatest riches. It’s giving more, providing more value to marketplace that the same will come to us. The power of giving will bring you more abundance and prosperity to your business, whatever you’re doing, also to your personal life and people around you.

It’s based on the law of cause and effect, that means, every action has a reaction. It means according to what you give, you’ll get back the same amount. It’s a law that never fails; it will get back to you the same proportion what you’re offering. Put a lot of energy on you services and you’ll get back a lot. On the other hand, put a little of energy and value on your services e and you’ll get back a little in return. The problem is the majority of people are putting a little in value and asking a lot in return. The things don’t work that way.

The power of giving is a law, which means, what you give to the marketplace, friends, relatives and associates the same will come back to you. It’s a law and law never fails. Successful people like great company leaders, entrepreneur and many others always put 10 times more value in their services and products what they ask in return. Using the power of giving, you’ll be implanting new thoughts in your subconscious mind. And what are these thoughts? We can say that you’ll be planting ideas of abundance and prosperity. And according to the law of attraction that’s exactly what you’ll begin to attract.

You must be certain that you’re giving instead of trading. What that’s mean? Let’s take an example. Did you ever buy a present to someone who was his birthday and you just bought it because you had to, you wouldn’t seem silly arriving in is his party and do not bring any gift? That’s not giving at all. The giving comes from the heart without waiting absolutely anything in return. You give with intention of helping people, and not getting something in return, it does not need to be something big, but it must come deep from the heart.

So, when you start giving more, providing more value to the marketplace, friends and people around you, you’ll start getting back in the same proportion. It’s a law. And how it was said, the law never fails. Think how you can give more without asking anything in return; think how this can help them even more.

 September 9, 2010

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