Why Some People Are Happier Than Other?

Have you ever wondered why some people are so much happier than others? Probably you think that having a good job, have a great level of income or being very rich may influence your happiness. And if I tell you that none of this has to do with your happiness level?

Everyone has an equilibrium point for happiness, that is, no matter what happens in their lives, they will always be at a certain happiness level. If you want to increase that balance level, you will need to make a striving plan to increase it.

That explains a famous study that followed people who had won in the lottery, and after a year period, the happiness level of that people returned to the equilibrium point, in other words, the same happiness level they had had before winning the lottery. Surprisingly, the same effect could be observed with people who had become paraplegic. After approximately a year of being disabled, they have returned to equilibrium.

Does not matter the experience in people’s lives, whether is positive or negative, they tend to return to their equilibrium of happiness point. Further studies showed that only three factors do not follow this theory: loss of a spouse, which can take longer to recover, unemployment for a long time and extreme poverty.

The question that remains is how my level of happiness has been established? Well, according to a study conducted in the late ’80s, every one of us has 50% of our happiness genetically determined and 50% learned. The second half, only 10% is determined by circumstances, such as income level, marriage, social status and wealth. The remaining 40% is related to our habitual thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

This is a fantastic discovery. That means we can shift the equilibrium of happiness no matter what is happening in our lives. We spend a lifetime searching for happiness, like a good job, good social status, relationships, thinking this will bring us the desired happiness. But the truth is that happiness you seek is within you, you need only raise your balance.

 September 1, 2010

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